Overview of 1-800-THE-CLAIM

After you call 911, the next number to call is 1-800-The-Claim (843-2524) to locate experts for disaster & insurance recovery. 1-800-TheClaim takes the unknown out of insurance claim matters, and connects insurance claimants with the Service & Claim Experts, who provide restoration services, for your home, your vehicle, personal injury or any insurance claim.

Never again be intimidated as 1-800-The-Claim is on your team.

When accidents or disasters happen, having 1-800-TheClaim as your disaster recovery plan is a very smart move. With 1-800-TheClaim on your team, you will have answers to these questions and more….

What you ought to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc?
How to efficiently to manage your recovery?
Where to find competent Service & Claim Experts?
What will full recovery cost be?
How long will it last? Days, Weeks, Months…?
Why you should trust and rely on the Service & Claim Experts of 1 800 TheClaim?
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Molly Potts

Last winter my house suffered serious damage from snow & ice that melted and damaged almost everything in both bedrooms on the second floor. Not knowing if insurance would pay for such damages, I asked my next door neighbor what I should do. Mary told me to call 1 800 The Claim and ask them what to do, because it was late Friday night. They pointed me in the right direction and gave me the name of a specialist in this kind of insurance claim in Danbury, CT. I could not be more pleased as t..

Molly Potts

New Fairfield CT