How we work is easy and simple

You call, email or fill out the Victim Help Form with your problem(s) and we match you to the Service & Claim Experts who are near and qualified to service you. It’s as simple as that.  We then recommend that you contact that Service & Claim Expert, to service your insurance claim related problem(s)

Services for claimants are free. The Service & Claim Experts subscribe to our services. We provide our best efforts to empower you with our over 30 years of experience in the disaster recovery and insurance claim related business.

We believe that our carefully selected direct links to Service & Claim Experts will save your time, money, and aggravation in your hour of need.

You are NEVER required to hire or do business with any person or entity we refer,  that choice is completely up to you.

We are still growing, so not all Service & Claim Experts are available in all areas.

Many of our Service & Claim Experts come from the good experiences of consumers like you. You can do other consumers and Service & Claim Experts a good deed and tell the owners and managers of collision repair, disaster restoration and personal injury attorneys to apply for inclusion in the 1-800-The Claim. If you want to recommend a Service & Claim Expert for inclusion on our system, please fill out the form below.

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Molly Potts

Last winter my house suffered serious damage from snow & ice that melted and damaged almost everything in both bedrooms on the second floor. Not knowing if insurance would pay for such damages, I asked my next door neighbor what I should do. Mary told me to call 1 800 The Claim and ask them what to do, because it was late Friday night. They pointed me in the right direction and gave me the name of a specialist in this kind of insurance claim in Danbury, CT. I could not be more pleased as t..

Molly Potts

New Fairfield CT

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