Services Provided by 1-800-THE-CLAIM

All of the Service & Claim Experts affiliated with the 1-800-The-Claim Network understand your needs and issues to quickly recover, both physical and financially after your disaster. With 1 800 TheClaim you can find the highest qualified:

• Attorneys Personal Injury & Other Matters
• Collision Repair Companies (Automobiles)
• Collision Repair Companies (Heavy Trucks etc.)
• Towing and Recovery Firms (Autos & Heavy Trucks and Buses)
• Fire Damage Restoration Contractors – Structural
• Public Insurance Adjusters (Represent victims, not insurance companies)
• Lawyers – Experts in insurance related claims
• Interior Furnishings Cleaning & Restoration Services (soot, smoke, odors, mold, water damage, mildew)
• Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Firms
• Flood Damage Restoration Services (Contents and Structural)
• Emergency Plumbing Contractors
•Glass Repair Services (Commercial and Residential)

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Jason Fisher

Shortly after I got hit by an NYC cab, I called 1 800 TheClaim and the attorney that they recommended filed a claim and settled the matter in less than 6 weeks. I will never forget 1-800-The-Claim.

Jason Fisher

Brooklyn NY

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